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Cedars-Sinai Postdoctoral Scientist - Smidt Heart Institute - Department of Cardiology - Fert-Bober Lab in Los Angeles, California

A postdoctoral

position is available at the Fert-Bober’s lab, Cedars Sinai, Smidt Heart

Institute. Our successful candidate will investigate molecular mechanisms of

cardiovascular development, regeneration and cardiac fibrosis using mass

spectrometric-based proteomics methods for the study of proteins and their

roles in cellular signaling events. We also develop

and apply the technology to the search for post-translational modified proteins,

including citrullination. Dysregulated citrullination is a key element that

drives the production and maintenance of antibodies to citrullinated proteins,

a hallmark in rheumatoid arthritis. The long-term

goal is to determine whether citrullinated proteins or antibody to

citrullinated proteins can be use as biomarkers for the early detection of many

disease, including rheumatoid arthritis, cancer and Alzheimer disease.


independently but in close consultation with the Principal Investigator and

other Research Scientists, you will perform routine and complex laboratory

procedures throughout the training period, and may develop, adapt, and

implement new research techniques and protocols while analyzing and

interpreting data. You will participate in publications and presentations as

author or co-author and may assist in the preparation of grant proposals but

are not responsible for generating grant funds.



  • Ph.D. and/or M.D. required

  • Less than 2 years of postdoctoralexperience is strongly preferred

Experience/expertise in

the following:

  • A basicunderstanding of cardiovascular development, regeneration and cardiac fibrosisis required.

  • Skills inisolation and characterization of different cardiac cell types from mousehearts.

  • Skills in culture and maintenance of mammalian cell lines.

  • Skills incardiac tissue histology and proficiency in microscopy.

  • Experience incell manipulation, flow cytometry and cell sorting, cell tracking, and advancedcell imaging tools.

  • Experience instandard molecular biology techniques (eg. Cloning, qRT-PCR).

  • Computationalprocessing and analysis of genome scale data including RNA-seq, or proteomicsis highly desired.

  • Ability tomultitask and complete work on time. Ability to contribute and work in across-functional, multi-disciplinary team environment.

  • Good verbal andwritten communication skills in English.

  • Well organized,able to plan work appropriately.

  • Strong attention to detail.

  • Strong problem-solvingskills.

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