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Cedars-Sinai Research Intern - Cancer Research Center for Health Equity - Salvy Lab (Paid, On-Site) in United States

Job Description

Overview of Department & Mentor

Outstanding internship opportunities exist in the Cedars Sinai Cancer Research Center for Health Equity (CRCHE) to gain knowledge and experience in clinical research related to obesity, diabetes and cancer. CRCHE aims to conduct research and community outreach to reduce health disparities in underserved populations. Within the Cancer Research Center for Health Equity, Dr. Sarah-Jeanne Salvy is the Principal Investigator of several funded clinical and community-based research projects focusing on (1) Scalable, sustainable and cost-effective obesity interventions and prevention programs; (2) Social determinants and social regulation of behavioral and physiological markers; and (3) Intergenerational transmission of health and disease risks and family-centered interventions. Dr. Salvy has spearheaded funded trials spanning multisystemic dietary and physical activity interventions that can be widely disseminated and sustained. This work includes (1) the integration of obesity prevention within Maternal and Child Health Services in Southern California and Central Alabama (R01HD092483-A1; U54MD000502); (2) the use of intermittent fasting and time-restricted eating in cancer, obesity and diabetes (R01CA258222; DoDPR172125), and (3) the evaluation of innovative environmental and self-regulatory strategies to optimize health outcomes in pediatric and adult populations (Hope Warschaw CIRCL award; E-health International Inc; Helmsley Charitable Trust Fund; R01DK130851 [Pending]).

Role Summary & Objectives

The goal of the internship is for students to gain knowledge and experience in weight management clinical trial. Successful completion of the project is expected to result in at least one peer-reviewed publication and/or poster presentation. With close supervision and guidance of the Principal Investigator (Dr. Sarah-Jeanne Salvy) and Clinical Research Coordinators, the intern will engage in a broad spectrum of activities including development of study protocols and intervention materials, conducting non-invasive assessments and measurements (such as anthropometrics and administration of surveys), data analysis and writing of scientific presentations and publications. At the initiation of the project, the intern will meet with Dr. Salvy and other senior research staff to outline a timeline, mentoring plan, and set milestones for assessing ongoing progress. Dr. Salvy will continue to meet monthly to monitor progress and facilitate ongoing learning goals. The intern will also meet with Dr. Salvy and the research team during weekly meetings to plan for ongoing activities. The intern is expected to spend a minimum of six (6) months and preferably 12 months engaged in research-related activities. Dr. Salvy will provide background literature and engage in one-on-one discussions to familiarize the intern with the clinical significance of the project. Further, a formal poster presentation of the project will be given at a CSMC sponsored research event. Progress reports to the intern’s scholarly institution will be completed by the intern and Dr. Salvy as requested.

Role Activities & Timeline

Months 1-2:

In the first two months, the intern will receive thorough clinical training (CITI and CS), attend weekly staff meetings, take part in both theoretical and hands-on training sessions, and shadow experienced team members to learn study tasks and procedures. Once fully integrated into the study team, they will work with Dr. Salvy and senior research staff to set milestones that match their professional goals.

Months 3-6:

From months 3 to 6 of the internship, the intern will focus on developing crucial skills and competencies:

  • Research Procedures: They will learn data entry, while ensuring data integrity through quality checks.

  • Administrative Skills: Managing office tasks like material shipment and inventory will refine their organizational skills and attention to detail, aiding in effective project logistics management.

  • Communication: Through regular check-ins with Dr. Salvy, the intern will enhance their ability to communicate progress, seek feedback, and ask for guidance, fostering clear and productive interactions with supervisors.Months 6-12:During months 6-12 of the internship, the intern will deepen their understanding and proficiency in several key areas:

  • Advanced Data Analysis: The intern will learn to conduct more complex data analyses, interpret results, and draw meaningful conclusions from research data. This may involve using statistical software, coding languages, or specialized analytical techniques relevant to the field of study.

  • Communication Skills: They will further refine their ability to communicate scientific findings effectively, both orally and in writing. This may involve preparing research reports, presentations, and manuscripts for publication, as well as communicating with collaborators, participants, and other stakeholders.

  • Overall, months 6-12 of the internship will provide the intern with valuable opportunities to build upon their existing skills, acquire new knowledge, and further develop as a competent and well-rounded researcher in their respective field.


Required Education & Experience

  • Must be 18 years of age or older and have a HS Diploma or GED.

  • Must reside in the greater Los Angeles area or surrounding cities while conducting all activities related to the intern appointment.

Preferred Education & Experience

  • College junior/senior majoring in psychology, nutrition, or sociology strongly preferred.

  • Interest in lifestyle interventions, behavioral coaching, and/or health psychology.

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Req ID : 1577

Working Title : Research Intern - Cancer Research Center for Health Equity - Salvy Lab (Paid, On-Site)

Department : Cancer - Research Center Health Equity

Business Entity : Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Job Category : Student/Intern/Trainee

Job Specialty : Intern

Overtime Status : NONEXEMPT

Primary Shift : Day

Shift Duration : 8 hour

Base Pay : $16.78 - $24.71

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